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 For a.s.A.p appointment call me !!!

Darlings...i am a busy bee...so if you want an appointment a.s.a.p. call me !

If i don't pick up the phone, i am busy.Try again a little later or leave me a message with your phonenumber and i call you back if you want me to .Don't call me at night between 10 p.m.and 8 a.m. pls. I am not a vampire, i sleep or rest at night thank you.Some people think i answer the phone 24/7...and keep on calling.Then leave me a crazy message :"why the hell i don't pick up or call them back a.s.a.p."Excuse me but....this Massage Doll is for real and needs sleep :) By the way my phone goes in the closet for a nap aswell at night..charge battery just like me ;)

Sending me an e-mail ...is not the best idea because sometimes i don't have the time to read my e-mails :( Patience...Grab a Coke or coffee and take a nap :)

But maybe you are lucky and i answer in 2 minutes ??? Who knows :)Sorry about that.

It can take a few day's before i mail you back if it's very busy.

You're ok if you want to make an appointment a few day's before the date and hour you want to visit me.Cause of the 24/7 i sleep a few hours away :)

Still wanna inbox me ? Use the form below this text ! Thx ! Miss Monroe

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