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             I hope you enjoyed my website  !           There's one more thing i want to say..Please don't  book a massage if you think you might be sick or have a fever.For my safety and other costumers as well.
Thank you.

 For the massage menu click on the page :
" Massage menu "
 For bookings:Call or text me !
 E-mail ...i have little time to read them..better   Call or text  ...Thank you Dear ! 
 With love and care ! 
 Safa and Sound ...My Massages are given in   a safe environment matching the  protocols for   hygiene and care for everybody's health.
 As life must be enjoyed but also cherisched first  ! 
 Thank you Babe                                
Love & Health  for y'all 
                            Miss M


        A light from the shadows shall spring;               Renewed shall be made that was broken,                 The crownless again shall be king.”                                J.R.R. Tolkien             
                     Love & Peace 

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