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What is Tantra ?


What is Tantra ? Good question because infact it's eveything and notting.Notting because you are free. In the moment of a tantra session/massage you are far away from rules,problems,toughts,job,etc.At least you should be.You have to let go in this are free to fly in your body and mind.To just feel.Notting more.When i give a tantra massage i respect everybody's total personality.Everybody has some problems or a hard job or a suitcase filled with past issues.Nobody is tottaly free.My job is to let you lose the bag filled with all of that and to be open for a great time.When i treat you my bag is where i leave it.Behind the massagedoor.Not in the room.Tantra is connection with your soul.Not with your problems or goals.You will be in the moment.Just the moment and the following moments of the tantra session.Not somewhere else.If you are in the moment.You will find peace and when you feel the peace you can enjoy and receive a great tantra massage.There is no goal. Just feel ! It's about feelings and ofcourse also erotic feelings not acting.It's kundalini( sexual life energy).The point is to keep that energy,the kundalini as long as you can.To feel it in your body.You can always act later You can't force something.Then it's not the tantric way.

♥Message from met to you♥

♥ Get to know your body

♥ Feel safe in a warm welcoming Asian inspired room

♥ expirience a warm,caring tantra session with ♥

♥ Let go.No rules,no worries,no musts

♥ heal your sexual inner energy

♥ learn how to let your sexual energy float without the press of ejaculation being a direct goal or a must

♥ Connect your heart with your soul it bounds you with your inner to be a better lover

♥ Go tantra

♥ Namaste ♥

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