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Go Bananas

Food and Health ..Food and Sexual Health..Food and Beauty...because a banana is very often compared with man's own "banana" i start a first blog article about food with the Banana.

Let's see if a banana can boost your sex life..

Yes, it sure can. This fruit isn’t going to turn you into the next Fitbit champion- well, maybe it will- but it can keep your system on track and raring to go when you want it.

Bananas might not come to mind as the sexiest food out there. You might think of oysters or complicated martinis and plates full of chocolate dipped strawberries, in that department, but not really that phallic yellow fruit.

Is this a good idea, though? Here are some reasons to think twice. When you review the facts, a monkey’s favorite fruit can actually be an excellent choice to boost your bedroom drama.

Check it out. Here are four ways eating bananas can help your sex life:

1) They Can Raise Testosterone

Bromelain is an enzyme found in bananas that can help to boost sex drive in men, and some women. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to trigger a higher production of testosterone.

Since proper levels of testosterone are said to be a crucial component of a healthy sex drive, grab some fruit on the go.

Eat a banana split for dessert and you’ll be happy you did. You can congratulate yourself on making a good choice.

2) They Calm Your Nervous System

A second reason that bananas are the fruit of the frolicking gods is that they’re a natural beta blocker. This means they can prevent the adrenaline in your system from binding to beta receptors. Why does this matter? It lowers your pulse and blood pressure, resulting in a more relaxed you, and a relaxed you is a version that’s comfortable in your own skin.

Remember, it takes time for these things to take effect. Eat a banana a half an hour before that big date, and you’re cruisin’.

3) They Can Help Your Muscles

Any athlete worth their salt will tell you that bananas are famously high in potassium. This is great because just like a beta-blocker, potassium can calm you down by decreasing your blood volume and blood pressure, contributing to mellowing you out.

Hey, they don’t call it mellow yellow for nothin’, I guess.

Another bonus is that having enough of potassium in your system can also increase your muscle strength.

You need enough potassium in your muscles to properly contract and relax your muscles. Eating bananas will keep your reflexes up to par and stimulate neural connectivity of your muscles, turning you into the active sex god/goddess you know you really are.

4) They Can Protect Your Immune System

Vitamin B, also known as riboflavin, is another friend found in bananas. One large banana has about 38 per cent of the Institute of Medicine’s Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin B-6, for people under the age of 50.

The reason this is helpful for your sex life is that B vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and decent blood sugar levels.

If you’re shacked up in bed with a terrible cold, or going crazy-angry because your blood sugar is out of whack, your partner isn’t likely to be impressed.

Grab some fruit salad and stay in the zone.This Solution Helps Older Men Regain That Frisky Sex Drive

Male and feeling less frisky than before? Considering medical solutions?

According to, a new study for the University of Western Ontario in Canada is showing the positive effects of testosterone replacement treatments.

The study, published by Gerald Brock, MD, in the Journal of Urology showed that testosterone replacement treatments can be effective in bringing back sex drive and energy in aging men.

The study analyzed the effects of treating men who suffered from a lower level of male sex hormones, (known as androgen deficiency), with a 2% testosterone solution.

The men involved in the study had the solution applied to their armpit for nine months. To everyone’s delight, the researchers found that participants’ sex drive and energy levels went up and stayed up: they didn’t plateau after the first few months of therapy.

Why is this news? Testosterone replacement therapy has been around for a while, but is increasing with a more than threefold increase in its use from 2001 to 2011 among men in the US aged 40 years or older.

However, currently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves of the use of testosterone only in treating “men who have low testosterone levels due to disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain.”

The FDA doesn’t think it’s wise to use it simply to improve men’s performance in the bedroom once they pass middle-age.

Will this change in the coming years? Researchers are saying that further studies are needed to really get at the matter, in order figure out what does go on in a man’s body as he ages.

But the fact is, women have had options for hormone replacement therapy for years, once they’ve stop menstruating. Shouldn’t men officially be given the same choices?

For us ladies

Boob size

Maybe many women wants bigger breasts. It’s not surprising since a lot of women feel inadequate with smaller breasts. Nevertheless, some women are uncomfortable with the idea of having breast implants, but would still like bigger boobs. If some are looking to increase breast size, then have to look towards nutrition, exercise and massage. But, what about bananas? Do they have any nutritional value that links to bigger boobs? Read on and find out how you can grow your breasts, naturally — with or without bananas.

Bananas for bigger breasts?
Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world, and for good reason. Eating them increases your potassium, which in turn, helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risks of cancer and even asthma. But if you’re consuming them to increase your breast size — well, that’s up for debate. There’s no science to back the claim that bananas can help you grow bigger boobs. However, some swear that consuming two or more bananas a day helps plump the breasts.

More than likely, this stems from the fact that naturally thin ladies tend to have smaller breasts. By consuming bananas daily, the thought is that banana may help you gain weight (hopefully in your breasts). But don’t go overboard consuming bananas. Bananas have an enzyme called “bromelain” which is thought to increase testosterone levels. Too much testosterone in your diet can hamper your ability to grow bigger boobs.

A science article in the New York Times points out that “girls with high androgen levels may also end up with comparatively small breasts.” So, while testosterone has many benefits for both sexes, women need far less of it than men. Yes, high testosterone levels can increase sex drive. But they can also cause masculine physical characteristics like, you guessed it, smaller boobs. In fact, one of best ways nutritionally to increase your breasts is by decreasing testosterone and increasing estrogen.

Foods high in estrogen for breast growth

here’s no doubt that genetics and hormones (particularly estrogen) play a key role in breast size. Some foods have been shown to influence levels of specific hormones in the body. Research suggests that a diet that includes foods that reduce testosterone and foods that are known to boost estrogen production work best for increasing bust size.

Therefore, foods that you may want to consider eating more of are phytoestrogen-rich foods. Phytoestrogens, or plant-based estrogens, can affect breast tissue. For this reason, it’s thought that eating foods rich in plant-based estrogen may help to increase the size of breasts. Some of the best phytoestrogenTofu, a soy product, can also help balance the estrogen levels in the body. It contains isoflavones that interact with the estrogen receptors, promoting estrogen synthesis in the body. Tempeh is like tofu except it is fermented. Although a little higher in calories, tempeh is less processed and generally considered healthier than tofu because it contains more protein and fiber. Including tempeh in your diet will certainly help increase your estrogen levels. Other foods high in phytoestrogens include:


Sesame seeds



Wheat germ








Green teaL

icorice root



foods include:

Soybeans, soy products and tempeh

Soybeans are rich in estrogen, but they also contain minerals like magnesium which promotes estrogen synthesis in the body. Soybeans are also high in potassium, calcium, protein and fiber, making them one of the best foods for balancing estrogen level, and perhaps increasing your boobs.

Boob names for different shapes :)

Boost your Banana dance naturally as much as you can by food:

Natural 9 Viagra Alternatives ! ( Your Guide For Powerful Erection & Full Sexual Pleasure !)

Nearly 30 % of men are suffering from weak erection, rapid ejaculation or decreased sexual desire ! , there is many reasons for this such as : bad nutritional state , pollution , increased stress,drug addiction, increased alcohol intake or smoking, insufficient sleep at night , not doing sport regular or pathological reason ..

being satisfied with your sexual life is very important to be psychologically stable which may affect your health & your mood positively for better performance in your work & throughout all your life ..

A lot of men be embarrassed when they are not able to achieve a sexual pleasure & orgasm to his wife , due to rapid ejaculation or week erection . they then are forced to take drugs like viagra to increase erection power & time ,, it has many side effects & you still feel bad regarding your sexual power & ability ..

Here are the natural best foods that can dramatically increase your sexual ability (on scientific basis) :

1. Sea Foods :

sea foods especially (Oyster, Tuna , Salmon & Mackerel) contain a very essential component for the penis powerful erection & semen formation . zinc deficiency is the hidden cause of impotence & weak sexual ability in many men.

sea foods especially (Oyster, Tuna , Salmon & Mackerel are rich in omega three which is very important for good blood circulation which is essential to have a powerful erection (blood vessels dilatation in penis is the main cause of penis erection).

in addition to this sea foods eating (especially shrimps & oysters) help the release of dopamine which is a very important hormone responsible for being happy & elevates your mood & sexual desire.

2. Avocados :

avocados was called in the past , the "tree of sexual desire" .

it is called so because eating avocados regularly can dramatically increase sexual desire & power not only in men , but in women also, because avocados contain components "such as folic acid" & vitamins "such as vitamin B6" which are essential for production of sex hormones.

3. Peanuts :

peanuts are rich in a certain amino acid (protein) called L-Arginine which make blood fills the penis for powerful erection.

researches revealed that peanuts contain also many antioxidants, vitamins & minerals which help men to increase sexual ability & sexual intercourse time.

4. Garlic :

researches proved that garlic contain an essential amino acid called "Lysine".

lysine help to restore penis tissues & enhance blood supply to it which makes the erection more powerful & sustained.

5. Bananas :

bananas contain an enzyme called "propylene glycol" which is responsible for filling the erecting vessels of penis by blood supply to make it erected powerfully.

bananas also contain a type of complex sugars that give men energy during sexual intercourse.

bananas are rich also in potassium & vitamin B , both increase the sexual desire & the sexual power (you can notice that bananas look like the erected penis!)

6. Dates Molasses :

dates molasses is very nutritious & has high content of iron, zinc , calcium & many other minerals , vitamins & antioxidants.

all these components are very important for sexual organs health & eating it regularly , increases the blood supply for penis enhancing it's erection hardly

on other hand it supplies the body with energy that help men to perform well to have a longer sexual intercourse. (Here is the recipe of making date molasses at home)

7. Figs :

figs are rich in amino acids which are very important in formation of the sexual hormones.

it is also rich in iron , zinc ,vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which increase men sexual power.

8. Halvah & sesame paste :

halvah is popular in Arabic countries , it is formed of sesame paste , fats & sugars .

this unique mixture is very nutritious & very energizing for men to have a powerful & prolonged erection.

sesame paste is rich in vitamin A, magnesium , antioxidants, iron , calcium & sesame is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids "beneficial for blood vessels".

9. Dark chocolat:

Dark chocolates "especially which contains cocoa >70%" has a very powerful antioxidts which are important for the tissues of the penis to be intact & to erect powerfully ,because it kills the free oxygen radicals which destroy the penis .dark chocolates contain "phynylalanine" which increases the sexual pleasure in both men & women dramatically & help them to have a longer joyful sexual intercourse.ark Chocolates :

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