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One of the secrets of Tantra is that the “Sexual Organs” are actually a microcosmic depiction of your whole body-mind system.Lingam is the scared word the ancient Indians used for the male penis.The penis was considered to be a holy organ that represents creation and spiritual awareness.It was chosen as the symbol of Lord Shiva the primary divine male manifestation in Hindu culture.The penis – seeing the whole in the partIt is very easy to see the Lingam (penis) also spelled lingham.Every segment of the lingam (penis) represents a different body area as well as a chakra.For example pressing the area of the penis top can remove head ache and massaging the lower penis can remove abdominal stress and digestion problems.The relations between the penis and the body during Lingam massageBasically the lingam (penis) and the Yoni (Vagina) have many different pleasure zones.These pleasure zones are not similar in their physiological and emotional effect on our system, every area generate very specific mental state..The penis is not the only orgasmic area for men.The male G-spot is most easily reached from the anus.Basically the penis area is very reach with nerves ending and it can get easily over stimulated.It is more pleasurable and spiritually beneficial to hold a strong erection and keep the semen for as long as your partner hasn’t yet orgasm.Internal ejaculation is a state of lasting bliss and expansion without loss of semen or vitality.The Back and Front sides of the penisThe upper side of the penis is similar to the man back while the lower side of the penis is similar to the male front side (face, chest, and belly).It means that the facing up side of the penis (when standing) is more passive and receiving while the facing down side is more active, sensitive and emissive.Working on the upper side is useful for back ace and for cleansing the central channel.It is the Ying – receiving side, touching this side will help the man to feel supported and nourished.Working on the lower side can help for activating emotional aspects and for creating intimacy.This is the Yang, active side, working on it will help your man to be more active , dynamic and emissive.It is similar to the Yin and Yang from Chinese Tao.The upper side is the Yin (female energy) and Lower side Is the Yang (male energy) side.The most important Lingam massages pleasure zoneslingam massage energy pleasure points

I will explain here about the most important and pleasurable and spiritually important places on the male penis.

Knowing how to stimulate these areas will improve sexuality and sexual performance and will reveal new exciting ways to pleasure your manThe Fold between the top and the stem of the penis A very important zone is the area that connects the top of the penis and the stem.This area is related to the neck.The neck in Tantra has great significant.It is the narrowest part of the body.It is also what connects the mind and body, our emotions and sensation ad our awareness.It is also a place where a big energy gate/Blockage is placed.The neck is where Vishuda chakra (the fifth chakra) is located; it is the door that blocks our primordial energy (Kundalin) i from moving from the tail bone toward the head.It is also what stands between personal perspectives to transpersonal mind perspective.This area is very pleasurable and spiritually important.It increases awareness and concentration and allows integration between mind and body, pleasure and awareness.This is the “present moment” area. Touching there helps to stay present and fully hold the space for pleasurable sensation to be experienced without falling to fantasy or ejaculation Lingham massage something for you ?Yes ,if you can release the must,the goal .Some people just want things the straight up no nonsense way..for those people i have the other massages.But still i sneek a little tantra into your body anyway


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