About aging and men's sexuality

Age-Related Decline in Male Sexual Performance

One of the most common complaints of aging men is the decline in their sexual performance. Men’s sexual peak usually occurs at around the age of 18. For most, it’s usually downhill from there – for some, significant declines in sexual performance can occur as early as in their late 20s. Aging is usually correlated with a longer time to achieve full erection, a less firm erection, lower libido or sex drive, a decline in sexual stamina, inadequate sensation, and unsatisfactory ejaculation.

Aging and Decline in Testosterone Level

As men age, their production of DHEA, as well as testosterone and other androgens or sex hormones decline. It’s been estimated that for every year over the age of forty, men’s testosterone level drops by one percent1. About twenty percent of men in their sixties and fifty percent of men in their eighties have significantly reduced testosterone levels.

As testosterone is a key hormone in men’s sexual functions, aging-related decline in testosterone levels has a negative impact on men’s sexual performance.

Other Factors that Contribute to Poor Sexual Performance

For some men, the effect of aging on the decline in their sexual performance is further complicated with other factors, such as pain and fatigue. Pain caused by age-related diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes, can make sex less enjoyable. Likewise, fatigue and muscle soreness can impair men’s sex drive.

As sexual performance is closely related to men’s overall health, factors that affect general health, such as anxiety, stress, and psychological factors, can also affect sexual performance. Fortunately, any decline associated with these factors is usually reversed once the underlying factors are resolved.

Other causes of poor sexual performance include cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing, as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

Reversing the Decline in Sexual Performance

The good news is that much of the aging-related decline in men’s sexual performance can be reversed. First, men should aim for a healthy, stress-free, and active lifestyle. Quitting smoking, alcohol, and drug use – if they are a factor – can contribute not only to better sexual performance, but also overall health. Getting massages regularly especial lingam massage and prostate massage.

Age-related decline in testosterone level can also be medically treated by testosterone replacement therapy. Here, the purpose of the therapy is to increase serum level of this hormone by oral administration, injection, or transdermal delivery of testosterone.

Although generally safe, testosterone replacement therapy may not be suitable for all candidates and can carry substantial health risks and side effects. In addition to requiring close monitoring of serum androgen levels, testosterone replacement therapy should only be administered by qualified physicians.

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