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Read her lips-Yoni Talk

What if a Yoni was a flower ? How would you touch it ? How do you touch a flower ? Do you squeeze it to feel it better ? How will a flower bloom more ? By force or gentle care ? What does the bee to get the honey ? Think it woman get's happier from rudeness except women that are really into that.Wich is a small group.Imagine ..that a Yoni is a beautyfull sensitive rose you can break easy...Let the Yoni bloom from her heart.Woman are different then men.They react on sympathy,on charisma,emotions,,tenderness,psychic moods,on attraction,humor,flirting,,love,on how they are touched and besides that they have a cyclus men don't.Read her lips.All 4 of them,up and down To be correct i have to say 6 Sometimes women want softness,sometimes depending on their moods and cyclus they want something different.Women are so sensitive, that's their gift, the oh so tender tissues of their intimate area are like the petals of flowers, soft and tender and designed to open fully in the presence of love.

Men react on love,attraction,heat of the moment,flirting,desire and maybe a few other things butmen are different then women in their sexual needs.It's like Venus and Mars.Yin and Yang.The Yoni is the temple of a woman.Her holy place.It's a soft,sensitive and warm spot..It's the way to motherhood.It's a way to feel attractif,it's a way to feel loved,it's a way to feel joy.imagine....

Yay Yoni

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